The Four Forests Run in late July is a race that was only started in 2011 but has quickly gained a good reputation as a well organized and fun race in beautiful surroundings.  For those staying in the north of Iceland, in Akureyri maybe, it is a perfect day out.

The course is extremely beautiful.  It was warm, dry and still when we took part in the race but because the sun was not shining, the locals claimed it was the worst weather ever 🙂

The Four Forest run - the finish line !

Participants are driven to their start line from Bjarmavellir, just north of Akureyri.  The course is very well marked so there is no danger of getting lost.

The trail is mainly made up of forest trails but also gravel roads with little or no traffic.

The Four Forest Run - the finish area

It is not a big race, it has a local feel to it and you are made to feel very welcome.

Even the medals were different, locally made carved out of wood.

There are different distances available, from 4.3km to a full marathon !  Something for everyone  🙂

After the race we relaxed on the grass and waited for our friends to finish.  Later we had coffee and cake at „The Owl“ cafe in Skogar Fnjoskadal,  and then went swimming in Illugastaðir.  Both activities highly recommended !

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