No sporting event in Iceland has such a long and continuous history as the IR race.  For more than 100 years it has been a central part of Reykjavik´s first day of summer celebrations.

Víðavangshlaup ÍR celebrated its 100th anniversary in style in Reykjavik 2015. More than twice as many took part in the race than the previous year.


The course was changed  in 2015 and the new course is absolutely fantastic. For the first time (at least as far as we can remember) we get to race on Laugavegur and Bankastræti, two of Reykjavik’s main shopping streets. The route also takes us past all the main monuments in Reykjavik’s center.


The course starts with an uphill but from then on it is very flat and perfect for a PR!  But it is also a race for everybody with everybody from elite runners to grandparents with baby strollers taking part. The course takes you through the city centre of Reykjavik with lots of people cheering you on as they visit downtown to celebrate the first day of summer.




The race is the first of the year in the Powerade Summer Series, with extra prizes awarded for total points gained.

For the first time, there is also a 2.7 km fun run.

Registration on or on the morning of race day at “Hitt Húsið ” in downtown Reykjavik.

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