Are you looking for something more challenging than just running?  If so you could become an Icelandic Land Wight (Landvættur) by completing four challenges in four sports in four quarters of the country.

The Land Wights are the four protectors of Iceland and are displayed in the coat of arms of Iceland and also decorate the front of the Icelandic krona coins.
The bull protects south-western Iceland,
the eagle is the protector of north-western Iceland,
the dragon protects the north-eastern part
and the rock giant is the protector of south-eastern Iceland.

The Land Wight challenge began in 2013 and in April 2015 41 person has completed the challenge.

The four challenges need to be completed within 12 months and are:

Fossavatn Ski Marathon
When: 2 May 2015
Where: Ísafjörður, in the West Fjords.
To do: 50 km ski marathon (classic technique).

The Blue Lagoon Challenge
When: 13 June 2015
Where: Reykjanes in south Iceland.
To do: 60 km bicycle race from the town of Hafnarfjörður into the mountains to the Blue Lagoon.

Swim in lake Urriðavatn
When: 25 July 2015
Where: Urriðavatn, close to Egilsstaðir in east Iceland.
To do: 2.5 km swim in the lake.

Dettifoss Trail Run (Jökulsárhlaup)
When: 8 August 2015
Where: Ásbyrgi in north Iceland.
To do: 32.7 km trail run from the waterfall Dettifoss to Ásbyrgi canyon.


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