Sometimes, you just want to have fun.

We all love running, but every run doesn’t have to be 10 or 20 kilometers. There are days when you just want to go out for a short sunny run, hang around for hours in the hot tub, and then find a nice cafe where you can sit and watch the people passing by.

A recipe for a perfect day, if you ask us!

Here are suggestions for shorter routes in Reykjavik that give you the perfect opportunity to combine exercise and relaxation.


Distance: 4.5 km
Coffee: Nautholl cafe – A very popular place where runners and cyclists often stop by.
Relax: Nautholsvik geothermal beach – The only beach in Reykjavik!

Öskjuhlíð is the hill in Reykjavik with the very recognizable Pearl on the top, but it is also a popular outdoor area. Covered with trees, there are many trails and running paths on the slopes of the hill and it is one of the best places in Reykjavik to go out for a run. The route suggested here goes more or less around Oskjuhlid, and there are many opportunities to lengthen your run if your heart so desires.


Distance: 4.3km
Coffee: Kaffi Vest – Trendy new cafe in an old part of town.
Relax: Vesturbæjarlaug – One of the oldest and most popular swimming pools.

A simple route near the center of Reykjavik. Part of it is on the seaside path on Ægissíða on the south coast of Reykjavik and if you want to add miles to your run you can go a bit further in the other direction and check out the paths on the northern side.


Distance: 3.3km
Coffee: Cafe Flora – Cozy cafe in the middle of the botanical garden.
Relax: Laugardalslaug – The biggest swimming pool in Reykjavik


Laugardalur valley is the hub of all sports in Reykjavik with numerous sports halls and stadiums, but the valley is also one of the largest green areas in Reykjavik. It is very popular with runners and walkers alike, you can always count on meeting lots of other sporting people of all levels.
As a bonus you can visit the Spa in World Class Gym or take your children to the local zoo.

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