It’s only two days before Christmas and just a few days since the first real snow in Reykjavik. Everyone seemed to be either working or doing some last-minute Christmas shopping as we were the only people on Úlfarsfell mountain this morning.  That’s the first time that has happened!


The weather was beautiful, cold and still and no one else’s footsteps in the snow. A perfect winter’s day!







2 thoughts

  1. I will be in Iceland next week and really want to do a winter run on this trail. How long is the trail and have you been back since Christmas?


  2. Hi Devin.

    It’s only a short trek, basically up the 300m high mountain and back. About 3-4 km I would think
    Other options in the vixinity o fReykjavik, are Helgafell in Hafnarfjordur and Mt Esja Both of those treks are longer.
    We haven’t been back there, but I wouldn’t think conditions have changed too much. Please wear Yaktrax or something else for your shoes as the trail will probably be slippery in parts.


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