A runner in the East of Iceland was shocked by all the trash thrown out of car windows near his hometown of Egilsstaðir.

For three years, he has recovered all the rubbish he sees running and today received the recognition of the Nature Conservation Association of East Iceland.

Eyþór Hannesson has been running and participating in races for many years.  He lives in Egilsstaðir and often goes for a run after work in a bright yellow running jacket.

He told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service :
“I find cans, candy, cigarette packs.  Some of it is thrown out of car windows unfortunately.  Then there is the plastic that gets blown away with the wind.  And through the years I have found all kinds of lighting equipment for cars. I think it just falls of for some reason”

egilsstadir (2)

On the day of the environment the Nature Conservation Association of East Iceland granted him recognition for environmental protection work. They think he shows a good example and draws attention to the importance of not throwing litter away or leaving it where it can get caught with the wind.

Blowing in the Wind

Eyþór says he sees more trash now than ever.  “I see it all around us.  The same plastic bags blow in the wind, stuck on fences or bushes for months and no one thinks to take them away. ”

Egilsstaðir is known for it’s warm summers, and great location as a base to explore the Eastfjords.  Now there is a another reason to visit this lovely town, maybe the cleanest town in Iceland!


One thought

  1. I visited Iceland in February, but only the west and south coasts. I didn’t see trash anywhere, except maybe a bit in Reykjavik. I’m shocked to read that people would throw trash out of their car windows while in Iceland. I applaud Eypor’s efforts. Plastic bags are especially a problem in so many countries and in our oceans, but people just refuse to stop using them and find alternatives.


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