We spent last weekend on the Laugavegur trail, a week before the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon race.  As always we had a fantastic time. The beauty and variety of the trail never seizes to surprise you. This was the second year in a row we ran the trail in two days, sleeping overnight in a hut at Álftavatn and stopping for plenty of photos along the way.

The pictures in this article were all taken this weekend.

2017-07-08 13.29.22.jpg
Near the start in Landmannalaugar

There was snow for about 6 km around  Hrafntinnusker, the highest point of the trail. It seemed to us that there was a more snow around than last year as the campsite around the hut which last year was full of tents was now covered in snow.

2017-07-08 13.43.37
Looking over Landmannalaugar
2017-07-08 13.58.46
Bláhnjúkur in Landmannalaugar

We have previously written a few articles about the Laugavegur Ultra, here are links to two of them:

One of the top trail races in the world

Laugavegur Ultra Marathon Tips and Tricks

2017-07-08 14.21.41.jpg
On the way to Hrafntinnusker

Best of luck to all taking part this year, remember to enjoy the day – it will be one to remember.  Maybe we will see you again next year!

2017-07-08 14.17.02.jpg

2017-07-08 14.48.27.jpg
Near Hrafntinnusker
2017-07-08 16.26.37.jpg
Looking back towards Hrafntinnusker
2017-07-08 17.01.19.jpg
Lake Álftavatn and the glacier Mýrdalsjökull to the left
2017-07-09 10.34.18-2.jpg
Between Álftavatn and Emstrur
2017-07-09 11.42.10.jpg
On the “Sandar” between Álftavatn and Emstrur
2017-07-09 13.05.05
Between Emstrur and Húsadalur. Einhyrningur (Mt Unicorn) at the far end
2017-07-09 15.19.52
Close to the finish in Húsadalur, Þórsmörk

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