Here are the main races we know about in the Faroes Islands 2018. We have tried only a handful of them ourselves, so for more information it is best to send a message to the organizing running clubs on their homepages or on facebook.

Events from January to March, we will have in place for the 2019 calendar.

April 25: Flaggdagsrenning (Bragdið)

Where: Tórshavn
Distances: 7K

A race with a long tradition as it was run for the first time in 1987. It is held on Flagday, the national holiday in the Faroe Islands along with Ólafsvaka.

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May 5: FM hálvmarathon í Klaksvík

Where: Klaksvík
Distances: Half marathon

The course takes you four circles in and around the second biggest city in the Faroes.

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June 2: Norðoyastevnurenning

Where: Klaksvík

The race is part of the Norðoyastevna festival, the colorful town festival of Klaksvik.  There is also live music, exhibitions and other sporting events including the start of the national rowing competition, very popular on the islands.

2014 race
The festival

June 3: Tórshavn Marathon

Where: Tórshavn
Distances: Marathon, half marathon and 10K

The biggest running event in the Faroes, with runners visiting from all over the world. The spectacular views of the mountains and the seas and the very friendly people of Tórshavn and the Faroes make this a wonderful event.

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June 16: Kvinnurenningin

Where: Tórshavn

A womens’ race where sisters, friends, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, work colleagues and all other women come together for a run.

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July 21: Fugloyarrenningin

Where: Fugloy
Distances: Around 10km

This is the fourth time “The Fugloy Run” is arranged in Fugloy, the eastern most island in the Faroe Islands. The name of the island means “bird island”, referring to the large number of birds on the island. On the other hand, less than 50 people live in the two settlements Kirkja and Hattarnes,

Fugloyrenning 2018
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July 27: Ólavsøkurenning (Bragdið)

Where: Tórshavn
Distances: 5K

Ólavsvaka midsummer festival is without a doubt the biggest event of the Faroe Islands. Faroese people living abroad return home and visitors come from all over the world to witness the celebrations.

The traditional Faroese chain dance sways the streets of the city and there are also many sporting events, including this race and the enormously popular national rowing competition finals.  In addition, there are art exhibitions, folk music, and Faroese chain dance performances too.

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September 7-9: Trail weekend Utiliv

Where: Leynar and Saksun
Distances: 13km, 21km, 42km and 65km

A new trail running festival on Streymoy, taking in the stunning villages of Saksun and Tjørnuvík and some spectacular mountain scenery.

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September 1: Føroya Vakrasta Hálvmarathon

Where: Gásadalur
Distances: Half marathon.

It’s called “the most beautiful half marathon in the Faroes”, starting in the stunning Gásadalur. 700 people from many countries ran or walked the race in 2017.  The village of Gásadalur and the beautiful waterfall Múlafossur can be seen on so many postcards, yet to visit it is something else.

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September 8: Top Run

Where: Kollafjarðardalur
Distances: 9,8km

“There is only one hill” the Bragdid running club proudly proclaims. The hill however, starts at the bottom of Kollafjörður valley 75m above sea level and ends at Sornfell mountain 600m higher.

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September 15: Kallsoyarrenning

Where: Kallsoy
Distances: 16,5km

The island of Kallsoy was one of the highlights of our visit to the Faroes. The race starts at the ferry harbor on one end of the island and goes to the town of Trøllanes on the other end of the island. On your way you run through more than one tunnel.

While you are there you should hike up to the Kallur lighthouse as well as going to see the Sealwoman in Miklidalur,


September 22: Føroya sunnasta hálvmarathon

Where: Suðuroy
Distances: Half marathon

There is no timing in this event, but for those of us who like to explore new exciting places by running this is a wonderful event in the southern most island of the Faroe Islands.

Suðuröy has 4600 inhabitants and is well known for its spectacular nature, including the famous bird cliffs of Beinisvørð.

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November 3: VK-1: Runt Agnið

Where: Toftir
Distances: 10,3km

The start of the winter running series. Each running club hosts a different event near the town where they are based. The first race is organized by Roysnið running club. The race is around the road “Agnið”, popular with runners and cyclists.

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November 17: VK-2 Kerjarenningin

Where: Tórshavn
Distances: 10,5km

Part of the winter running series.  Each running club hosts a different event near the town where they are based, this one is (called “Kerjarenningin”) organized by Hvirlan running club.  The course starts at Hotel Føroyar, out of Tórshavn and back.

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December 1: VK-3 (Bragdið)

Where: Argir near Tórshavn
Distances: 8,9km

Part of the winter running series.  Each running club hosts a different event near the town where they are based, this one is organized by Bragdið running club.  The course starts at the school in Argjahamar just outside Tórshavn.

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