There are lots of options for running in Reykjavik.

Here you will find maps of some of the most popular routes in Reykjavik and information about running clubs so you never have to run alone !

We hope to add more maps later, there are plenty of options for running in Iceland – not only in Reykjavik !

Running Clubs in Iceland

Maps :

Reykjavik Centre



Powerade Circle

The Sightseeing Run !

The Long Run !


3 thoughts

  1. Hi,
    I’m visiting Iceland in September while I train for a half marathon. I’m staying close to Laugarvatn. Do many people run on the roads, or would it be best to stick to trails and paths? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!


    1. Hi Kellie
      We have often stayed near Laugarvatn but we do not recommend running on the main road, due traffic.
      If you are in one of the many summer houses, there are some trails and roads between them which are nice but not very long.
      Another option is to drive to Laugarvatn, it is not a big town but you can run on the sidewalks there and there is a nice ca 1km long trail in the hill just above the town.
      But for longer runs we would head for road 355 just outside of Laugarvatn which is the road to Reykholt. It is a gravel road with a lot less traffic. If you run it back and forth it is around 20km.

      Hope you enjoy your running in Iceland!


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