In Laugardalur beats the heart of Icelandic sport.

It has the national football stadium, a sports hall where the handball team (Iceland’s favourite) play their home matches, an indoor running track, and the biggest swimming pool in Reykjavik and Iceland.

It also has a botanical garden and a park for children and families.

There are also some of the nicest running paths around.

Here we have 2 maps, the routs are similar to the ones used in the 5K and 10 K of the Suzuki Midnight Fun Run, held on midsummer’s night every year.

After the run there is nothing better than to soak in the hot tubs ar Laugardalur swimming pool or the Laugar Spa 🙂


The 5km route is in and around Laugardalur.


The 11.5km route goes up to Elliðaárdalur.


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