For those runners who think 5 or 10km is only a light jog and need there long runs on the weekends, we have added a route that could be said to be the most popular route for Reykjavik based runners. Almost everyone will at least run a part of it on their Saturday or Sunday run.

And if 17km is not enough there are many options to add to it. One way would be to run around Seltjarnarnes. Another option to go to run the Powerade circle in the Elliðárdalur valley.

The route is on paths almost all of the time.
Only a small part near Laugardalur and the most westerly part of this route are on pathways beside large streets. And most that can be avoided by taking a longer route around 🙂 (like Seltjarnarnes).
A big part of the route is on very beautiful and scenic paths near the ocean.

Photo: Saucony

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