“My Reykjavik half marathon experience was extraordinary. The course, the scenery and the citizenry supporting the runners was completely magical.” 

Over 2,500 foreigners took part in the 2015 Reykjavik Marathon and in 2016 the number was up to 3400.  Here are some of their stories.


Overall, the runners are positive about their experience in the race and with their visit to Iceland.

The comment above is from Tania Gail who also says: “The event organization, the number of runners and the course allows me to highly recommend this event to anyone.”

Tania Gail’s race recap

Running in Iceland’s friend Liz Dexter says : ” Running up the north side of the city, along the coast, the views were AMAZING and made me well up – the view of all the mountains across the bay was exactly what I’d been looking forward to through all that training.”

Liz Dexter race report

Mediatrixy writes:

“The first 10K were incredible. So many Icelanders came out of their houses to cheer, and it was clear that many runners were personally recognised by family and friends. This made for a very happy and relaxed atmosphere – there were few clock watchers here.”


Tor Rönnow took some great photos.

Rob Savage from the Tyne Bridge Harriers took part in the post-race celebrations!

“The races are run as part of a festival that includes music and fun and fireworks. The whole of central Reykjavik was closed to traffic in the evening and it seemed that the entire population was out on the streets to enjoy the atmosphere. It’s impossible to describe or capture in a photo what an amazing thing it was to take part in.”

Rob Savages’s race report

Andy Hoole reports: “all the activities and the atmosphere around the race were really enjoyable and may be a good excuse for a visit if you’ve always wanted to go –if your bank balance can afford it.”

Andy Hoole’s race report 

This was Dane’s Rauschenberg’s 86th fastest marathon: “An idyllic setting if there ever was one for a marathon start I found myself craning my head sideways to check it out. The weather was darn near perfect with cloudy skies, a temperature right around 50 degrees, even if it was a bit humid.”

Dane’s report

We don’t know this runner’s name, but she says: “The weather here is ideal for a marathon, I think you would have a hard time beating it. I would definitely say to try this marathon at some point. Train in the hot summer, then race in the cool weather. Tour Iceland as well while you are here.”

Andrea’s Travelogue

“Racing in a foreign place also gives you a unique opportunity to see a city from a different perspective; it allows you to slow down from your fast-paced tour schedule and explore from the streets. You can see neighborhoods and villages, warehouse districts and city parks, beaches and meadows, all from the power of your own two feet.”

Runners World Forum


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  1. Thanks for including my race report! I am feeling a bit sad I’m not there this year, although I’m preparing for a marathon in my home city this year instead!


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