Winter Fun Run in Iceland

Would you like to run in the center of the Reykjavik, on one of those mystical dark winter nights?

Then this is your chance, for the city will be illuminated one February night with amazing colors for the runners participating in this unique event.

The event is a 5km fun run or walk through downtown Reykjavík. This is the first time the run is held and it promises to be a thrilling evening.

There is no need to worry about your speed as it is not a timed race.  It is solely a fun run that should suit runners and walkers of all abilities –both those starting out and those who usually train hard but want to let loose and concentrate on the fun part of running.

All participants get their own illuminating LED bracelet that automatically syncs with your running rhythm throughout the entire event, making you a part of the entire show from start to finish.

Participants will also get a goodies bag with Bib number and illuminated goodies such as glasses, wristband and a ring.


The event is a part of Reykjavík Winter Lights Festival, a festival held in the middle of winter to brighten the dark nights and celebrate the longer days ahead.
It is also an off-venue event at WOW Reykjavík International Games.

Participants are encouraged to come wearing illuminating lights, neon gear and crazy bright colors. What a great opportunity to wear neon clothing even though we are way past the eighties!

Fun stations

Preparations are already under way at the brightly colored fun stations.  There will be DJ’s and other artists, music, tunnels to run through, lit up waterfalls, and above all bright lights at the stations, each with its own unique style.  There might even be a surprise or two !


Participants will run or walk through the Reykjavik Art Museum in Tryggvagata. Through the rhythmic music and lights participants can ditch their inhibitions and enjoy their own electric runway.

The City Hall by the Reykjavik pond will be decorated with colorful lights. Participants will run or walk through the building while they embrace the music and lights.

One of the main landmarks in Reykjavik is Hallgrímskirkja church, visible all around town. Experience the music and lights in a perfect unity as you slowly walk inside the church, the only place on the route where running is not allowed.

The race will start and end at the beautiful concert hall Harpa. The warm-up party will be here, so you can prepare your mind for the lights and action and your body for the 5km run or walk.

There are also fun stations in Bankastræti at the main square in Reykjavik, and in Hljómskálagarður, the garden surrounding Reykjavik’s beloved pond. There will also be great light displays at other places on the route, including Austurvöllur.


Start and Registration

The race is held on Saturday night on the 4th of February and starts at 7 p.m. at the Harpa concert hall, probably the most spectacular building in Reykjavik. Harpa is right in the center of town, on the waterfront by the harbor.

Registration is here .

For prizes and more registration detail check out the official page of the Wow Northern Lights Run.

On-line registration will be open until midnight on February 3rd.

It will also be possible to register in Harpa on race day from 2pm to 6:30 pm for a higher entry fee. Participants pick up their bib number and race packages at the registration desk in Harpa on race day.

Be early and join the warmup party in Harpa before the run.  Have a wonderful night!


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  1. I have recently participated in a similar fun run event 1st time and it was an amazing experience. But here, it seems, will be completely altogether different and memorable experience. The area filled with beautiful colorful lights is looking stunning. I am surely going to register here.


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