There are midnight runs in many places around the world, but we think ours is the best.

Here are our 5 reasons why we believe the Suzuki Midnight Sun Run in Reykjavik is the best midnight race in the world.

1. It is run in the bright summer night

In Iceland the summer days are never ending, as the night is almost as bright as the day.  Even Icelanders find it exciting to run at midnight and this race is the perfect opportunity.


2. It is held on summer solstice

There are many customs and traditions associated with summer solstice, the longest day of the year.  According to Icelandic folklore it is healthy to roll naked in the grass (although that might get you in trouble with the law) and cows gain the powers of speech. It’s a wonderful time to visit Iceland.

3. There are 3 distances to choose from

You can choose between running the 5K, a 10K or the half-marathon.

Around 2,300 runners crossed the finish line in 2016 and it is definitely a race for everyone, with finishing times in the 10K ranging from 32 to 130 minutes and similar variations in the other distances.


4. The swimming pool is open after the race

After the race all participants get a free entrance to the outdoor geothermal swimming pool Laugardalslaug. It gets a bit crowded in the hot tubs, but it is the perfect opportunity to chat to your fellow runners and share race stories.

5. The green and beautiful course

The course for the 5K is a circle in the green area of the Laugardalur valley, and the 10K and half go to the Elliðaárdalur valley, considered among the most beautiful places to run in Reykjavik.


The Midnight Sun Run is the second biggest running event in the Icelandic racing calendar, after the Reykjavik Marathon. Registration is on the race homepage.

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